The end of the road, or almost…

Goodbye my friend. You have kept us safe on Highland roads for over a decade…I acquired you very much second hand from a garage on the Carse.

Your first owner was allegedly fond of a wee dram or two, hence the key scratches in the approximate location of the handle…We had our knocks but you kept me and my family safe and comfortable too – how I will miss your heated seat back this winter, old lady!In you I careered around Scotland to film Scotland’s Stories, braving giant anthills in Culbin Forest and off-road moorland tracks at Mar Lodge…You stood patiently outside in all weathers while rare lichens anchored themselves in your nooks and crannies…I was fond of all your wee quirks – like your ever-illuminated lights and the way you screamed whenever anyone other than myself tried to start you with the dodgy key held together with a rubber band…In the end, the rust got to you and even Fraser at Campbells Garage shook his head at the thought of welding on to thin air.

Not the scrapyard, though. Not yet. You’ve earned your Viking burial, old girl. Enjoy your next incarnation at the Stock Car Races in Golspie with lovely Matthew your final owner at the wheel.

We might even pop up and watch!

Author: veewalkerwrites

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